Six essay writing tips for writing great essay

There are many who are eager to write articles on various topics. Essay writing can be fun-filled and interesting only if the person has knowledge of what to write and is aware of what is to be done and avoided.

For some writing can be a passion, something that comes to them spontaneously. For the others, it can be a daunting experience. It is know how the process can be broken down into several easy steps that are likely to provide the person with immense confidence to come up with great sounding work.

Some useful tips that can be used at the home:

• Select the topic carefully: In case, the topic has several aspects, then it will be useful to narrow down to a specific area. This is to be explained in the introduction to ensure better reading. It also improves the overall quality of the essay. Research can become much easier if the topic to be written is something that the person is interested in.

• Research: Proper research is an absolute must to get the desired results. Relevant materials are to be gone through and notes prepared to ensure that nothing is missed out. Sources are also to be jotted down from where the ideas have been derived from, like the article or book title, page number, and author name.

• Jot down main arguments: The next step is to summarize the main ideas and arguments that are read. Other people’s words are not to be copied, but only the vital points are to be selected and summarized in own words.

• Fill up essay body: It is here that the details of the ideas and thoughts on the selected topic are to be discussed upon. The summaries written before are to be filled out. It needs to be interesting, informative and thought-provoking. Every section or paragraph is to have some kind of conclusion.

• Introduction: A good introduction is an absolute must to grab the attention of the reader, providing them with ‘hint’ of what is inside. It should be good enough to prompt the reader to complete the article.

• Conclusions: This section is better begun by summarizing briefly the conclusions and results of the research. The reader is to be conveyed very clearly about the main conclusion. Also, the references are to be checked and formatted so that is used appropriately in the essay’s end.
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